Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September already...

It amazes me that I am always watching Paul whenever I get the idea to blog. I guess he is just inspiring!

Sooo... It's been a little bit since I last decided to write (or rant in that case). Life is going okay. It could always be better, but it could also always be worse.

Alicia and I are becoming quite the professional cake decoraters. Ask me to make a mum out of icing... I can do it with my eyes closed. lol You may not want to ask Alicia though... you may get punched in the face. We spend our Sunday evenings fighting and making icing together and we spend our Monday evenings making fun of "dirty cakes" (it's a lady in our class) and concentrating really hard on how to take what the teacher says and make it left-handed (for Alicia). I find myself trying to help her figure this out even though I can barely do it right-handed myself. I guess that's the "big sister" mentality. We have named ourselves the "special ed students" of the class and call ourselves that out loud in class. I have to say that it has been really fun though and it's making Alicia and I closer.

Speaking of Alicia... the other night she mentioned the show "The Torkelsons." Do you remember that show?? I had totally forgotten all about it. It's crazy what comes back to you at the strangest moments sometimes.

I am still working at Recovery House. It's gotten better. I feel more comfortable in my position than I did a year ago. I also have some great friends there that make the time so much better.

Ivy Tech has called my name again this semester: Business and Algebra. Could I get a more boring schedule?? I only make it through by thinking of the embalming class that will one day show it's face on that piece of paper. I am almost done with all of my general ed classes for my mortuary science degree. Following that I will just need to do my concentration classes, but will have to go to Indy for that. Fun. Fun.

I finally have my pink lady revolver. It is beautiful. So pretty. I love it!! On the downside... still no penguin. I'm beginning to think that people aren't taking me serious about this.

God bless Courtney for giving me the bumpits for my hair. That word looks too much like armpits for my liking, but they make my hair look fantabulous. That was nice of her even if I did have to wait in line for like 20 minutes to get her a medium snickers cyclone with brownie chunks at 9PM and bring it to her. Gosh... you'd think she was pregnant or something... oh, wait, she is. LOL. That's right... Cameron is going to have a little brother. It's going to be hard to compete with Cameron though, that boy has my heart! I got some dirt on him! It's amazing what you learn just from picking a kid up from school. He has sworn me to secrecy though... so I can't divulge... but, let's just say that I'm going to be calling him "hot lips" from now on! LOL

Well... I wish that I had a funny story... joke... gossip... or something, but I don't!! So... I guess this is it!