Friday, May 9, 2008


Friday should be such a marvelous day, but not this one. Not only did I have to see Mr. Polo in an unscheduled visit, but I have the cramps from Hades. I can not tell a lie. They are straight from there.

I thought some of you might want a little update on my momma. She's doing really well. She had her surgery and her surgeon was a little off his rocker, but he still did a good job. I mean the guy took our camera in the surgery room and took pics of the inside of my mom's neck. Yeah, he did. We can thank my brainiac sister Amy for this one who was "writing a paper on the thyroid... ." Mom starts her radiation treatments pretty soon, but they are pretty certain that they got all of the cancer. And her particular cancer has a very good chance of not coming back for a visit. So... thank God literally for that. Anyway, have you noticed that I say "anyway" a lot? There is your update.

Well... I am sitting here at work and really bored watching the Golden Compass trying to find that pure evilness that all other Christians have been ranting about. I've had my KFC for the day. Yum. And I have had my diet mt. dew. Double Yum. And now... here I am.

Update on my life beyond that??
I enrolled in school. I will hopefully be starting in the summer and I will be working toward my mortuary science degree. Morbid? Yeah. I really want to do it though. I've been talking about how I want to be a coroner and the other night as Josh and I were driving I saw deer guts blown across the road and I was like, "Ewww. Gross." And he was like, "Yeah, you'll be a great coroner." Ha. I think I would, though. I'm kinda awesome like that.

Well... this was a whole lot of random stuff thrown at you all at once, but all things that I am super excited about. So, yeah.

Until Next time...