Friday, May 1, 2009

Has it been 10 years? Yep.

Well, 10 years ago to this date, I was faced with a huge decision. I had to choose whether to start dating a guy that I thought was cute in English class or my bestest friend in the world who traveled hundreds of miles to be my prom date. Well, I chose wrong on that day. Boy, did I ever. Let's just say that flowers, special little songs, opening car doors, and all that jazz don't compare with someone who will still be your friend after all of these years. Someone who will still call on your birthday and visits you at least once every year-- no matter how many states away. Someone who will never forget you, even though you may have hurt them in the past. So... that being said... for all you young-uns out there. Maybe the guy isn't the most charming. Maybe he only knows about working on cars and wouldn't be caught dead in anything but jeans. Maybe his way of saying he cares is teaching you how to drive a stick-shift, but maybe he could be the right one.

The problem with a charmer is that he'll charm everyone and in the end you just end up being a fool that was snake charmed.

Please choose wisely, because a lifetime of regret could be your destiny.

Melissa is a lucky lady ;-)