Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That one girl...


The other day I posted a blog about my sisters. When I read it to my mom she said, "What about Courtney?" Of course, my adopted sister. How could I forget!

When I was in the 8th grade, getting cozy at the Valentine's Day Dance with someone I'll call Kyle, up skips my sister Amy. In tote she has a girl with her and in her shrill voice says, "April, this is my friend Courtney." I glared at her as I slow danced and said, "Ok. Can we talk about this later??" That was the beginning of the end!

From that point on this girl was constantly at our house. The weird thing is that she wasn't one of those annoying friends that you keep thinking "when are they going to leave." No, she was actually fun- most of the time. She would go out of her way to get a ride to our house whenever there was a big snow or flood prediction so that she could "accidentally" get stuck with us. Once she promised Amy that she'd ride roller coasters with her just to be able to go to Six Flags with us. Once there, though, she backed out. Amy said, "I'm not your friend no more" and ran away. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Mamaw Hatley rode roller coasters with Amy on that day. That was really funny!! Courtney seemed to be at every holiday and family dinner that we had. At Christmas her pile of gifts was just as big as ours from my mom and dad. She still comes over on Christmas eve to go through the tradition of opening gifts with us and still gets her pickles and sometimes beef jerky.

We have done LOTS of crazy things. Once her and I were riding in a car- me driving and her passenger. She told me to hold still because there was a bee on my neck. I went ballistic!! I started shaking my head, but still held on to the wheel. I didn't brake, but kept on ahead as she screamed "STOP." I just sped up going through yards and near misses with trees. When I finally stopped we laughed so hard that we almost peed our pants!! It was hilarious! So hilarious!!

We made an exclusive club called the "Pick and Run" Club. To get into it you had to jump out at someones house and pick flowers out of their flower bed. We destroyed some pretty flowers and probably made lots of old ladies mad! Ha ha. It was sooo fun, though.

Courtney is a little gullible. Okay. A lot gullible. My favorite hobby was to make up stuff and get her to believe it. Here are a few:

*That my car windows were voice activated to my voice only. The window controls were in between the two front seats and I would say window up and then hit the button. When she said it, then it didn't budge. She believed it!

*I told her that the movie "Bridges of Madison County" was a documentary about all the bridges in Madison County, Indiana. Yep, she bought it.

*The movie "Interview with a Vampire" is another documentary that is loaded with interviews with actual vampires. Uh huh. She bit on that one, too. Ha ha.

She stared in our homemade episodes of Starnes Ridge News and even had her own music video: Lovely Day. She was on a neon pink bean bag and was wearing a camo shirt. Oh, my goodness! It is so funny. She was the host of the Courtney Pond show with the title "My cousin Dresses like a Slut." She was the hands of Gertrude Lanes. She did so much!!

One night she spent the night and I was for sure that we were going to have a snow day the next day. We kept staying up later and later. My mom said, "You guys are going to be dragging your asses in the morning." I said, "The only thing I'll be dragging is a bag of chips and the remote to the couch." Yeah, we didn't even get a 2-hr delay!! I think mom was pretty happy about that. Nice.

Her and Amy once were driving and passed a car that was on fire. Amy said "Courtney, call 911." Courtney whips out her cell phone and seems to be calling the police. Amy hears her say, "Debbie, what's the number for 911?" She had called my mom!! This is a true story. I couldn't tell a lie!

We were addicted to bug pops. If you don't know what they are, then I feel very sorry for you. They are popsicles that have gummy bugs in them. Delicious. Actually, we bought a box of those once when she taught me to, well... nevermind. It is her specialty, though. HA HA HA

She went to church with us and was along for the ride when the brakes went out on my mom's van. We thought we were going to die when we were pulling into the parking lot. She went to church camp and was around for lots of excitement there!

Everytime that I've ever been drunk it has involved her. Huh. Once I was walking behind the couch and I said, "I feel fine," then I was down. I disappeared. I think it was my shoes that made me fall though, not the alcohol! She thinks otherwise, but I am smarter, so...

She lived with me and we had our share of arguments. She didn't even know how to pull the shower curtain the "right" way. She got mad about my organized chore chart that I made her initial. She invited Mexicans (and their laundry) over constantly. She lived there until she got pregnant by one of them. Then... it wasn't long before my baby, Cameron, came along. She would bring him to Village Video and we would play with him and try to get him to sit up and do things that he definitely wasn't ready for. If he fell and bumped his head, then we'd look around and make sure no one saw, then laugh. We were horrible!! Cameron and I would race around the racks and chase each other and he would squeal and laugh. Oh, my baby. If she hit him, then I'd hit her!! Ha. I seriously did. If she told him no if he wanted something then I gave it to him anyway. No one is mean to my little boy! No one!!

These memories could go on and on and on. I love this girl, even though she can be a bia sometimes!

** HOLLA**