Monday, June 22, 2009

Wishing & Hoping & BSing

So. Yeah. I totally am seriously going to make out my wish list for all of you to see. Excited?? Thought so...

Here goes...

#1 Duh. Penguin. I am pretty hurt that this wish has gone on for so many years. Why do none of you love me enough to break into the zoo and stash one in your over-sized fanny pack?

#2 Gun. No, not just any gun, but a pink one. I really want it sparkly, but Don-my gun guy- just rolled his eyes at me about the sparkle part. I threatened to bedazzle it if he doesn't come through for me. He seriously has a pink one on order, but I'm not sure about the sparkle part and that is essential.

#3 I want to kick in a door. I credit Dane Cook and his vivid portrayal of his B & E for this desire.

#4 I need to meet Paul Poteet and get my picture taken with him preferrably in front of a hot air balloon for reasons that I cannot disclose at this time.

#5 Job. New job. I want a job that involves me watching t.v. and doing some sort of research crap about it. Oh, and the company has to provide chocolate chip cookies while your working. Oh, and they pay great. Oh, and they also give their employees really soft slippers that feel like clouds that you have to wear while working. I think that's it.

#6 Moolah. I would love for the Publisher's Clearing House to show up at my door with all of those balloons and be like, "hey. congrats. you can quit your t.v. research job!" The problem is that I don't register for those things, so this is a very out there request unlike my others.

#7 My familia. I wish that my sisters and I could get together more and have a ton-o-fun without the petty little bickering and the name calling. I'll have to work on that! We can go do picture scavenger hunts constantly and dodge the police while doing so. Oh, how I miss those days...

#8 Seinfeld to return to t.v. Yes. It would be amazing. Hey, if KNOTB came back, then anything can happen.

#9 Big chunky streaks of burgundy in my hair. Yeah. It would totally rock.

#10 Well... this one is a secret & only one person knows about it and if that person is reading this, then just know that yes, I would do it.