Friday, November 28, 2008

And another thing...

Sometimes it fathoms me how some people will act in public. This time of year is crucial, people. The malls are packed, the lines are long, and the air space is minimal.

That being said...

The other night I decided to go to the mall and gaze at some jeans that I may or may not receive for my birthday (uh hum). Anyway, while doing this, I obviously tired myself out and was famished! I went to Luca Pizza, stood behind a mother and her three obnoxious children dressed in Christmasy outfits (obviously had just gotten their picture taken), ordered some very over-priced food, grabbed my tray, and scoured out the table furthest from anyother soul in the room. Well... alas... here comes along 3 guys, middle-aged and they choose a table two over from mine. Fine. I can handle that. Even though there are only about 23 other tables that could have fit their needs! Then out of no where I heard this foghorn sound louder than most tornado sirens. I glance at the bald man of the group. He is sitting there, in the food court, blowing his nose!! Loud. Very loud. With chick-fillet napkins and all! Why?? There went my $10 tray. I just can't eat after seeing and hearing that spectacle. There is a ton of space surrounding the food court. Could he not go away from earshot and blow?

I know this is a random post, but I've been bothered by it ever since. Courtesy does magical things! Manners are amazing! And not fog-horning your nose in a public eating establishment is a jewel!

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