Friday, November 28, 2008

The first 10.

Today is the day. The first day of my list of all lists. Well... the LOAL isn't even completed yet, but here are the first 10 items that I will be working on...

1. Get ALL of my work turned in for my online class by Sunday. BAH

2. Start doing my flippin hair and make-up daily! Who knows when I may run into John Travolta or Billy Ray??

3. Start drinking water or at least diet drinks! Today!

4. Get the majority of my house cleaned by Sunday night.

5. Take the political yard signs down out of the yard! Seriously, now!

6. Buy at least two Christmas gifts for someone this weekend (even if they're small!)

7. Begin my Bible Reading Every day-- no matter what!!

8. Clean out my purse & packback. Eliminate weight!!

9. Put up my Christmas tree and decorations this weekend.

10. Wrap those 2 gifts that I will definitely get!

Now. If I just add another 10 every few days, then maybe I can hold myself accountable for these things that I often let myself fall behind on. Hmmm.... worth a shot!