Friday, November 21, 2008

November Rain...

It has been quite some time since I've decided to blog my little life to you all. I don't really understand why, though. I do love to write and with so many changes in the past few months I am appalled at my lack of pushing my life off on to you all. I mean, seriously, how else are my stalkers going to know what I am doing and where I am at?

No more Mr. Polo. Although, I have heard that he is still sporting his baby blue polo-- nipples protruding through the stretched fabric-- hunched backed and still barking orders to all the "little people" at the nursing home. I swear. This man should be cattle-prodded!!


I am now working for Centerstone as a Behavioral Health Tech. I am holding down the fort from midnight to 8. Watching over the men and women who are in the recovery house with me. I do have to say though, there is nothing on t.v. this late at night. I can only watch so many Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes before I am ready to bust the television. Maybe I should start bringing movies with me?

This semester I am taking sociology and intro to human services. School is getting harder. I can't believe how much of a slacker that I've been this semester!! It's horrible! Anyway, I am going to keep trudging along and getting a human services associate degree. I think that I am going to try for 3 concentrations: mental health, substance abuse, and correctional rehabilitation. Then... it's off to the university!

As far as my life goes-- it is still unbearable most days!! I tend to have this depression and sadness and really don't understand all of it. I'm sure that having your heart ripped out in life could contribute, but I'm pretty sure that I am over that one, anyway. It's crazy. Happiness... where are you?? I am pretty sure that as soon as I find a church and a church family who truly loves the Lord and me that I will be happier. Or maybe there isn't really a thing called happiness!?!

Sorry this post is so long!
The plan is to try to start doing me some daily blogging!
We'll see!