Friday, December 19, 2008

Fricky, Fricky, Frazzled...

A typical day for me is pretty hectic. Let's first remember that I work 2 jobs and open our skate shop almost every afternoon. I go to school and try to sleep and eat occassionally. Now let's add in that I had to do volunteer work for one of my classes. Yes, I am serious.

Oh, that's not all... here are a few typical, everyday statements that I may hear in the wee hours of the morning...

"The voices taught me how to play guitar."
"I'm not an addict, I just do pills, they're not bad."
"Why do YOU get to drink pop?" (hmm... sobriety has rewards?)
"Ha ha. I steal money from my_____ (insert any family member that is beloved to most!)"
"Why are you rationing out wet wipes?"
"It's cold!"
"It's hot"
"wah wah wah"
"Sorry I didn't come when you called. I am having withdrawls." (what does that have to do with listening?)
"I'm getting picked on just because I am breaking a lot of little rules (add whiny voice to this one).
"Is it time for meds? Smoke break? meds? smoke break? meds? smoke break?"

Oh, these are just a few! To put it lightly... I am going insane!!!! Yeah, I am serious.

Overworked. Stressed. Trying desperately to choose between doing online finals and reading Eclipse (3rd of the Twilight series). Fidgeting. Not sleeping. Not eating. No nerve pills left. I. Am. Going. Crazy!

Can someone recommend a good doctor? Or at least good meds?

Thanks! Buh Bye!