Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old & Cold & BINGO brawls!

I just want to say that I am freaking freezing! Seriously, why does it have to be so cold?? Not only outside, but here at work!!!???!!!

Now for the goodie (as Shelly would say)...

So this week is my "birthday week" according the local AmVets Post 2000. That's where my mom and dad are bingo-aholics. They go twice a week and nothing seems to stop them! They are serious bingoers (is that even a word?). Last week my family tried endlessly to get my parents to answer their phones while at bingo, because my uncle had had a stroke. My dad kept answering his phone and saying "can't talk. not allowed" and hanging it up. Yeah, scary! Later he explained that cell phones weren't allowed while the caller was announcing the numbers-- so go out in the hall!! And my mom is just a Christmas present away from her own dobber carrier. She already has the t-shirts and the little singing Bingo bear. Anyway, my mom wants me to go with them to bingo tomorrow night, because on your "birthday week bingo only costs a dollar!" Pretty exciting, huh?? Here is the sad part: My "birthday bingo" game is most likely going to be the highlight of my week! Yeah, be jealous! So, I'll be 28 this year. Time really does seem to fly the older that we get. In just a few short months it will be my ten year class reunion. Wow. Most likely I will not be attending this event. It would sicken me to see Mr. & Mrs. M.F. Cheaterins, even if by mere accident. Oh, sometimes I get phone calls of recent sightings and I have to explain to the caller that I don't really care one iota. Only I use some harsher words. You know what I mean? Anywho... the point is that I am growing old. Ok, older is probably the best term to use.

I think I will go to bingo. Wish me luck on the $1000 game. Wouldn't that just piss off all of those troll-toting, superstitious, dobber-carrying regulars if someone like me won!?! I may get beat down! Pray for me!